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"The legend of Guglielmo Tell tells the story of a famous Swiss archer who became a symbol of Swiss independence from Austrian rule. ... Despite the trembling of the hands and thanks to the trust of his son William Tell he manages to hit the apple without hurting his son, thus earning his freedom. "

We too, in our own small way, try to bring you innovation and independence by creating a project, a legend, a story to tell you. The tool, the weapon, the instrument with which Guglielmo used to save life and honor was the crossbow; our Crossbow. Our first project, our first effort that still gives us so much satisfaction. A precise, specific atomizer and only for cheek shooting. A little gem missing in the world of the fantastic American box.

This, surprisingly, was a historic undertaking. In just three months we were able to design, pack and make available the first crossbows. Now in the space of a year and a half we find ourselves still producing them, making us proud and above all proud of having created a highly appreciated product.

During 2019 Tell was born, a project, an idea, a real patent that brought a first tank capable of hosting all immersion atomizers. This project is a great undertaking for us, because hosting all the atomizers in a 22 mm diameter tank seemed an impossible undertaking and instead, like the enterprise of our legendary national hero, we managed to present it in record time at Vape Italy 2019. How to crown this splendid legend and this splendid history of products to which we are particularly fond of? We decided to crown the project with a box dedicated to Tell giving life to a new ecosystem. Yes, a new adventure for our beloved Guglielmo.

The Guglielmo is a box entirely in aluminum and stainless steel milled from solid. The finishes that we offer for the first boxes will be in gun metal-colored hard anodized aluminum and brushed stainless steel. The hard anodizing protects the aluminum both from the conductivity and from the scratches that can be found in the daily use. The box contains a floating pin system capable of hosting the entire Tell, as it was born. The stainless steel plates, which cover the DNA 60 circuit and keep the Tell in position, will be interchangeable and can be replaced with add-ons that will be supplied over time. These will give the possibility to change not only the aesthetics, but this adventure we will reveal to you later. We already have many other arrows, ready to shoot, in our quiver. On the front we have the activation button equipped with a magnet housing that will allow customization of both the activation mode and the pure aesthetics. And that's not all. William was strong, versatile and ambitious. So our Guglielmo will not only be able to host the Tell, but already from the first day of release there will be an add-on on which you can mount externally any atomizer in your possession and already in the very near future there will be add-ons dedicated to the graft of atomizers inside the box itself. We will choose the sprayers with care and above all we will bring our most popular sprayers into Gugliemo. The project is ambitious, versatile and very complex. We will offer you a real ecosystem able to give you many possibilities within a single device. C&C Mods and its experience led us to grow, not only in terms of experience, but also in terms of morality, giving life to a legendary project for us.

Guglielmo - Viola - SVT

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