SPUTNIK RTA is an MTL RTA designed to be efficient, simple, functional like the satellite it is inspired by.

Entirely produced in Switzerland, it has benefited from the know-how of the 4 brands that make up Kluster Mods who have included in this project the best of everything they have learned after several years of research and development in this sector.

The Tank is in polished transparent black PMMA, it has the refill from the bottom and has a capacity of 3.8ml.

The Deck is made of 304 Stainless Steel and has been designed to allow incredibly simple rebuilding.

The serial number was burdened on the side of the deck.

The Chimney has been designed to guarantee Sputnik RTA a great performance with tobaccos, a segment in which we allow ourselves to say that Sputnik has very few rivals. The chimney allows you to do the liquid flow control.

Inside the Deck is hidden the real heart of Sputnik: the Sputnik AIR DISK. The Sputnik Air Disks are at the same time, the Pin of the positive, the air regulation and a sort of P.A.S.S. (Pressure Augmentation and Silencing System) which, by forcing the air to divide into smaller flows, that compress and speed it up, guarantees an incredibly silent and fluid draw, much more contrasted than other solutions.

The Sputnik includes the 6x0.6 Air Disk which guarantees a draw comparable to a 1.2 hole.

Separately, the Air Disk 6x0.8 (comparable to a 1.5 hole) and the Air Disk 4x0.6 (comparable to a 1mm hole) are available

The Air Disks can be easily replaced at any time without having to touch your build and liquid, simply by accessing from the back using the key / stand supplied.

The package is a small enameled tin tube that contains Sputnik RTA, including proprietary Drip Tip and Air Disk 6x0,6; Certificate of Authenticity, Spare Parts and the Key to the caseback which is at the same time a stand for Sputnik RTA.

Sputnik RTA - Kluster Mods

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