• The Climbers Series - Clamour Vape

The Climbers Series - Clamour Vape  


(Cavendish & Gingseng)  

The Black Cavendish of Clamour Vape is one of the most appreciated aromas of the entire line for its mellifluous sweetness and for its characteristic herbaceous scent with notes of chamomile. In the Crevice this tobacco is combined with the Ginseng root, a plant considered by Chinese medicine to be a panacea for all ills.The unmistakable flavor of this root has a slightly bitter entrance, a slightly spicy body and a delicately sweet aftertaste. The Cavendish wraps it in an amazing and never tiring combination


(American Blend, Mint & Edelweiss)

The American Blend, a typical Virginia, Burley and Oriental blend is the most classic of analog mixtures, balanced between the dryness of the burley and the roundness of Virginia. We decided to create a version that completely changed the aromatic structure, making it fresh and unusual. To the cooling effect of Peppermint we have added a drop of Edelweiss extract, our national flower. In Switzerland, and throughout the Alpine arc, this flower has always been used to flavor liqueurs, grappas and even beers, due to its herbaceous, sweet, with notes of dried fruit and pepper.


(Latakia & Cassis)The Latakia is the undisputed ruler of dark tobaccos thanks to its rough and smoky flavor with hints of incense and resin. We thought of a daring combination with a berry from our mountains: the Black Currant. The intensity of the flavor of this small fruit does not fear comparison with the king of Tabacchi. The currant is at times acid and sour, at times bitter, only at the bottom has a sweet but strongly astringent heart. It is precisely this astringency that, by cleaning the papillae, will allow you to perceive the spiciness of the Latakia as never before. A shocking clash of flavors. Seeing is believing.


(Oriental Blend & Lemon)

A precious blend of Oriental Tabacchi characterized by the typical spicy scents, with notes of coriander and toasted cardamom, is combined with the king of citrus fruits: lemon. The result is an extraordinary "cocktail", which English-speakers would call "Bitter & Sour", where the most acidic and bitter notes are exalted in the body of the tobacco mixture. A fresh and pungent combination to be enjoyed in the long summer evenings when the sun never seems to set.


(Java, Apple & Rhubarb)

Java is a fine quality of tobacco grown on the indonesian Island of the same name. It is use to produce cigars but also cigarette and shredded. Characterized by an extreme balance it is considered halfway between light tobaccos and dark tobaccos. This balance also makes it one of the most suitable qualities of tobacco to be flavored.The characteristic bitter taste of rhubarb rhizome makes it a real surprise even for the most expert, especially if, to this bitterness, the sweetness of the apple pulp is combined.

The Climbers Series - Clamour Vape

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