• Bivouac - Clamour Vape

Bivouac - Clamour Vape  

(Latakia & Cassis)  

The Latakia is the undisputed ruler of dark tobaccos thanks to its rough and smoky flavor with hints of incense and resin. We thought of a daring combination with a berry from our mountains: the Black Currant. The intensity of the flavor of this small fruit does not fear comparison with the king of Tabacchi. The currant is at times acid and sour, at times bitter, only at the bottom has a sweet but strongly astringent heart. It is precisely this astringency that, by cleaning the papillae, will allow you to perceive the spiciness of the Latakia as never before. A shocking clash of flavors. Seeing is believing.

Bivouac - Clamour Vape

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